Class Related

School Holidays
Classes will follow Springfield public schools calendar. Company members will need to stay connected trough google calendar.

Inclement Weather Policy
No classes will be held at the Springfield Studio if Springfield schools call a snow day. Company members look for emails to be sent out.

Make-Up Classes
we will utilize correlating classes during the week to serve for classes missed due to inclement weather. We do not provide make up classes for students who are absent due to illness or vacation.

Dress Code

ABSOLUTELY no hair around the face during class! Hair must be tied back or in a headband if short.

Any form-fitting dancewear is acceptable. Tights are optional.

Each class instructor will notify students of any specific type or color of dance shoes required for that class.

Local Performances Outfit
Students should wear their studio tee-shirt at all local performances. New students are required to purchase a studio tee-shirt in September.

Absences & Attendance

Students are required to be in attendance for class and are expected to arrive on-time and be dressed in proper dance attire before class begins. This will ensure no delays in getting class started on time.

If your child will be absent from class, please call the studio prior to class time to notify the instructor.

PLEASE do not bring your child to class if they are running a fever or are contagious. You will be called to pick up your child if they begin running a fever or displaying symptoms of illness.

Pro-Rated Tuition
Monthly fees cannot be pro-rated for absences or for illness.


Registration Fee
A registration fee of $25 will be collected for each dancer at time of enrollment.

Registration Forms
Parents are required to sign a Liability waiver . All forms for enrollment can be found on this website under the Enrollment section.

Enrollment Age
Children should not be enrolled in the Pre-K class until they are at least 3 years of age and must be potty-trained. We now offer a toddler class, class size is limited. Student must be able to walk unassisted.


Behavior Expectations
Classes should be safe, fun and creative. Children are expected to exhibit good behavior with others and maintain focus on what is being learned.

Disciplinary Actions
If a child cannot comply with the behavior expectations of the studio, they will initially be put into "time out." If the misbehavior reoccurs, parents will be notified and, at that point if the problem continues, the child will be removed from the class. No tuition, costume or submitted competition fees will be refunded for children that are released or withdraw from a class.